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Surgery has been the backbone of the hospital since its inception. All General surgical procedures for all types of Hernias, Piles, Fistula, Thyroid and Breast diseases, are performed here. Gastero-intestinal surgeries including both open and laparocopic procedures for appendix, gall bladder, stomach, colon, and other benign and malignant pathologies including acute emergencies constitute a large portion of the specialty work load. The surgeries are done with newest techniques and technologies with emphasis on pain management and early discharge and return to activity.

Alternate Text Obstetrics

Comprehensive antenatal care and all facilities for labour and delivery are available. High risk obstetric care is a focus with a focus on growth restriction, gestational diabetes and twin pregnancy. Fetal medicine and obstetric ultrasound services are available. The section rates are consciously kept low and we are open to offering vaginal delivery for previous sections where it is appropriate. A group of dedicated and competent doctors work together and offer 24/7 care.

Alternate Text Gynecology

Ambulatory gynaecology addressing common clinical problems like abnormal bleeding, fibroids, pelvic pain. Gynecological ultrasound services are provided by a team of dedicated and trained doctors. Infertility and reproductive endocrinology management is provided upto intrauterine insemination. Specialized clinic for Artificial reproductive techniques runs once a week. Open and laparoscopic surgery for gynecological procedure, pap smear and colposcopic services are available along with gynaecological scanning facilities. Specialized clinics for urogynecology and pelvic floor problems are also available.

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Pregnancy classes
and Lactation centre

The antenatal care is supported by well received antenatal classes including exercise, labour and delivery orientation, breast feeding and postnatal exercise sessions. These have been ongoing for over 20 years now.

Alternate Text Neonatology

A round the clock team of neonatologists provide neonatal care and support for the deliveries. 24/7 neonatal care is available with a ten bedded level 2 NICU. Preterm and low birth weight care, non invasive ventilation, hyperbilurubinemia and transfusion care are provided. Follow up clinics including neurodevelopment assessment are available.

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Anaesthesia services are available to provide anaesthetic services for surgical, gynaecological and obstetric procedures. A dedicated and experienced team of anaesthetists provide a 24/7 epidural services for labour analgesia.

Alternate Text Family Medicine

General medicine clinic addressing the much felt need of a family physician is available Monday to Friday in the mornings.

Alternate Text Paediatrics

The Pediatric clinics offer outpatient care including immunization.

Alternate Text Endocrinology

Specialised clinic three days a week for all endocrine problems such as thyroid, diabetes, pcos, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome and other endocrine conditions.